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Our History
Maryland Locksmith MLI has grown in size and added new services as the technology became available. In the late 1980s Doors & Frames, Intercoms, Electric Locking Devices & Keypads were added. In the early 1990s Card Access Systems; Delayed Egress Systems; CCTV Cameras; & Alarms were added. In the late 1990s Computerized Auto and Electronic Door Keys; Biometric & Proximity Card Locks; were added. In recent years, advancements in: IP Access Controls; Digital Video; Network Audio & Video; and Remote Video over the internet have created the opportunity to provide better security & value to our customers.

In the Beginning....
Maryland Locksmith inc. MLI was founded in 1985 by Eric Roes. Started as a one man mobile service, Mr Roes was available 24 hours a day in any area from Baltimore to Washington. Emergency calls were received on “Alex”a 30 pound briefcase “portable cellphone.” In a small one car garage storefront, the brick and mortar operation began in 1986. By 1995 The original 1100 square foot location had as many as 11 technicians often working together in a tiny workshop area. With a passion for learning Mr Roes joined the local and national trade organizations early on. He traveled the world taking classes and meeting other security leaders to learn more about the trade. Gathering ideas from the 4 corners of the USA to Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Hungary, England, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Norway, and even Andorra. Every trip brought back various new security devices, locks and associated techniques. Eric admired and learned from many old timers and specialists in the industry. His inspiration and teachers included names such as D.W. Dallas, Dave McOmie, George Law, The Collins Brothers, C.L. Corey, Bob Sieveking, Steven Sharpe, Mike Jordan, Hank Spicer, Joe Polyanski to, name only a few. Many security and locksmith companies’ owners locally and some nationally learned the trade at Maryland Locksmith. Mr Roes is presently still active in training employees & management, spreading his vision, and can occasionally be found at a jobsite. Mr Roes’ wife and 5 children are all involved in and learning the business and trade.


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